Born as a daring idea, the Robe di Kappa polo shirt has become the brand's undisputed icon, embodying casual elegance and timeless innovation.


SINCE 1969

Back in 1969, a sportswear icon made its debut in the fashion world: the Robe di Kappa Polo shirt. Since then, this shirt has embodied the timeless elegance and dynamic spirit that characterise the brand.


From a deconstructed and informal garment, the Italians Polo shirt has won the hearts of later generations, transforming itself from a simple garment into a common denominator between sport and casual style. Staying true to its classic inspiration while constantly looking to the future.


Much more than a simple shirt; it is a symbol of freedom, style and authenticity. Made of piqué cotton, or folded mesh, it is designed to fit the body perfectly, maintaining its impeccable shape over time thanks to the attention to detail.

"POLO for HIM and for HER"


For those who choose to wear our history.

Imagine taking a trip back in time to the fascinating Seventies, an era steeped in free spirit and timeless style. It is precisely from this evocative heritage that the new Robe di Kappa Polo shirt was born, a garment that blends the brand's heritage with a modern and fresh touch. This Polo shirt has been made in folded knit, with the same craftsmanship of the time, using traditional techniques that convey an aura of authenticity and nostalgia. However, we have not stopped at the past: the shapes have been revisited, the elements have been updated and the result is a Polo shirt that perfectly matches the preppy, contemporary style of our days.


The passepartout for an essential look.

Designed for those who appreciate the beauty of clean lines and impeccable detailing, these polo shirts are made of fine piqué, which is much more than just a piece of clothing: it is an ode to sophistication, designed for those who appreciate quality and classic style. Its comfortable fit makes you feel comfortable in every situation, while the natural fabric ensures breathability and freshness, even on hottest days.


For those who make sport their lifestyle.

If you are one of those who like a more dynamic and sporty look, then this is your polo shirt.

Designed to fit your body perfectly, it is the ideal choice for those who appreciate freedom of movement without sacrificing style. Whether you're playing a round of golf with friends or simply enjoying a stroll through the city, this garment will accompany you with the right mix of elegance and sportiness, allowing you to express your style in every occasion.