Robe di Denim

Your Canvas, Your Style

Denim, the main element of our spring looks. A material that can be revisited in multiple ways, suitable for the spring season and trendy. Worn not only as the sole component of outfits, but paired with garments made of other fabrics, creating a contrast through the use of different colors.

The denim, a timeless staple in the realm of trousers, distinguishes itself through treatment and wash. Light Blue, Mid Blue, Dark Blue, Natural, and Black represent the traditional washes of Robe di Kappa jeans. Every detail speaks of quality and style.

Traditionally woven on semi-automatic looms since the 1990s, this fabric boasts a composition of 69% pure cotton for beautiful aging and fading, 30% recycled denim cotton to diminish our footprint on the planet, and 1% elastane for impeccable comfort.