The Robe di Kappa image has always featured both HIM and HER as the protagonists ofthe campaign. However, today, the concept of UNISEX is centered around a primarily masculine style and fit and from the 'heritage of the brand was born a new collection.. The star of the show is still the Polo, inspired by the 1970s and made using the same techniques of that era, but reimagined in form and updated. A contemporary mood, innovative design, and high-quality materials: Robe di Kappa's total look proposal includes the blazer, also inspired by the brand's archival jackets, the coach jacket, the Oxford shirt, classic-cut chino pants, pure cotton fleece, unisex and casual. And, above all, the philosophy of a deeply Italian brand: to create pieces that give young people all over the world the freedom to express themselves. 

Today as yesterday.