Forever linked to the concept of freedom, the brand was born in 1969 in Italy, in Turin, when the young CEO of an old textile company - 23-year-old Maurizio Vitale - sensed the desire of his peers to break free from the formal rules imposed by their parents, even in the way they dressed. These were the years of student protests, great pacifist movements, and sit-ins in front of the White House. The young people wanted to overturn the rules of the world, and when Vitale saw John Lennon on television wearing a military shirt of a fallen soldier in Vietnam, he understood how they would dress: unisex and casual.

From a warehouse of unsold merchandise, he pulled out a stock of t-shirts and had them dyed military green. He had army patches and stars sewn on them. It was an unprecedented success. Young people all over Italy wanted those t-shirts: the Robe di Kappa brand was born.

1969 – The Omini logo

The perfect image to represent Robe di Kappa’s soul was taken during a photo shoot for Beatrix, another Vitale family’s brand. A backlighting picture of the silhouette of a boy and a girl, sitting back-to-back. This picture, who has later renamed “Omini”, soon became the brand emblematic Logo.